Pirlo TV (Watch IPL Live) APK Download for Free


NamePirlo TV
MOD FeatureWatch IPL Live
Compatible Android Version4.4 and up
Offered ByBlozCompany

Pirlo TV is a social media platform where you can curate and share videos with your friends. It’s a bit like YouTube for video content, but infinitely better. It’s really like the Facebook of video content: a way to share your own videos with friends. It shows people what it’s like to watch videos on the web.

Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV is a new startup with a very interesting product. The ability to create an on-demand video studio completely free of charge is particularly innovative, so we thought we’d take a look at it. The idea is to let anyone who wants to use their computer and/or TV to produce videos. To do this, you need to buy a pirlo card (a credit card sized device which plugs into your computer).

The pirlo card has an SD card and a camera built in. It’s designed for people who are producing video (not necessarily professional work, but “artists”) — so it’s basically a home movie camera. But you can use it for other things too, including art, music and others things that fit the pirlo tagline: “making art without cameras or money.”

You can get the pirlo card for $95 but you can also buy one as part of a bundle with your PC or laptop (which includes the webcam and the SD card). The bundle also includes an external USB microphone and extra batteries, which will come in handy if you want to record more than 1 minute of video at once.

From what I understand the camera works well in most situations (mostly indoors), but it might struggle outdoors and in low-light situations (but not as badly as I would have expected). Additionally, I noticed that when recording HD videos the quality gets quite poor compared to regular audio recordings — maybe because there isn’t much light around?

Another strange thing is that when recording audio recorded via the microphone onboard the pirlo card starts playing backwards needs some more research before we can say what causes this.


Pirlo TV (Watch IPL Live) APK Download for Free

Pirlo TV Review

Pirlo TV was co-founded by two ex-Facebook employees and has raised $15 million in venture capital funding. I think there are two main things that distinguish pirlo tv from its competition:

  • Because you direct the content.
  • Pirlo TV allows for more personalization of the audience (you can choose specific viewers/groups you want to be on).

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use pirlo tv as well as I could before, or if I’ll even find that useful at all. But it is something to watch for, and there are certainly some interesting things about Pirlo TV.

Pirlo TV scam

Pirlo TV is a startup that has built its brand out of nothing more than a single promise. The most powerful mobile console with software support for all the popular games. The platform itself is a direct competitor to Google’s mobile consoles and the competition is fierce.

As good as pirlo tv is, it will never become a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs. You need an Xbox, PS3, or Wii for that. If you only want to play PC games, you need a PC/Mac/Windows machine like an iMac (which isn’t made by Apple). And if you want to watch TV on your console, you need something like an Xbox One (or a Roku 3).

But unlike media streaming boxes like AppleTV or TiVo, pirlo TV doesn’t have any of those capabilities built-in. So if you don’t want to use it just for gaming (and I’m sure many people wouldn’t), what reason do you have to buy them?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pirlo TV


Not Require any Hardware

Pirlo TV does have one giant advantage over other media streaming boxes it doesn’t actually require any hardware  but in reality it uses software to make that capability happen. Pirlo TV creates its own copy of the contents of an app on your phone and puts them onto your television as well as access to several different apps from pretty much every other device on the market (including AppleTV and Roku).

No Third Party apps Requires

All this happens in real time with no lag at all and no buffering whatsoever. So it completely bypasses the hardware limitations of these other devices. And because it doesn’t require any hardware at all, there are no third-party apps required. So pirlo tv can run anything directly on your television without having to use any remote control functions whatsoever.

In addition to being cheaper than other similar options (iTunes Store alone is $14 / month vs $99 / year with Netflix), there are several reasons why this might be advantageous. When we think about things like Netflix or Hulu Plus, we usually think about using them as part of our overall media consumption experience.

But with Pirlo TV, what we really do is install two separate apps that work together instead of combining them into one big app that would cost us more money. This saves us from having to buy both expensive subscriptions and gives us more freedom over our.

Programming and Media Platform

Pirlo TV is a tv programming and media platform for creative professionals. It has been created by a group of independent film makers, animators, musicians and artists and is based in the UK. The idea behind pirlo tv is to help people make the most out of their time.

This is an incredibly ambitious project which aims to change the way viewers watch TV. Pirlo tv will allow you to experience your favorite shows in their very own private world no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing with a set-top box that suits your needs.

Personal Media System

It’s not just about watching video content though, Pirlo tv can also be used as part of a personal media system which includes social networking tools, games, apps and search engines. All in one sleek package for viewing on any device at any time.

Pirlo tv has attracted an incredible amount of interest from media companies as well as individuals who are interested in technology innovation. And not only that, but there are also aims to create social networks within each show that will work with pirlotv to offer users access to their favorite shows online at any time from anywhere.



I don’t really want to talk about Pirlo TV but I think it’s important to mention it and I’ll try to avoid all the negative side effects. I will mention that few people have tried pirlo tv or even know what it is, which means

  • We have a very small market.
  • We must do a great job at pushing the product.

Pirlo TV bonus

Turkish football superstar and YouTube star Sead Pirlo, who has just wrapped up his second season with the New York Red Bulls, is a huge fan of MacRumors.net, so much so that he had the site’s domain registered for him by his lawyer. In the interview below, we talk about some of the things you can do for your product-market fit:

If you are launching a new product or platform, there are two ways to go about getting it into people’s hands. You can either wait until it’s ready to launch and then get out in front of it or you can do both at once and get it out there as soon as possible. And both options have their strengths and weaknesses.

The first way is best when:

  • You still have time to get a lot of traction on launch day and thus will be able to raise a lot of money from VC in the later stages of development
  • You already have customers (who will buy from you even if you launch too late)

But that said, we hear from many new startups who are still working on their products when they should be launching them; they aren’t being careful enough about getting them into people’s hands (especially if they won’t make any money off them). So we recommend that if you’ve got customers and an idea for a product no matter how big or small that you get out in front sooner rather than later. Getting your product into people’s hands as soon as possible is important because:

  • Your customer base will grow faster than your product development team can keep up with leading to more bugs and bigger delays in completing your product. While also giving you more room to improve the value proposition.
  • Taking advantage of early adopters helps build brand loyalty before everyone else has figured out what appeal they have for your product (and thus how much potential marketing capital there is for raising funds).

The second way is best when:

  • You want to stay competitive with other platforms that promise similar things at near-term costs (which means raising more money than initially planned).

But this doesn’t mean that it’s always best just to stay in front. If there’s another tool that does something similar but better (e.g., Mogrify).


Pirlo TV (Watch IPL Live) APK

Features of Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV is a user-friendly solution for managing your social media accounts on a desktop or mobile device. The problem with social media is that it’s really hard to navigate and use all of them at once. It’s hard to find the right one when you want to get things done, and even harder to manage all of them.

Pirlo TV makes it easy and fun to do that, by giving you a unified dashboard, so you can see the full picture of your social media accounts at a glance.

Pirlo TV is not just another tool; it’s an addition to your existing tools and services. It helps you effectively organize your personal social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit at any time of day or night (and everywhere in between).


We’ve been working on a new platform for some time now. It’s called pirlo tv , and we’re very excited to launch it later this month. It’s a new way to see soccer games, watch highlights, and explore the players who have made history. It will also let you follow your favorite team right on your desktop.

In a world where everyone is watching the same games, pirlo tv will be an unrivaled experience. But most amazing of all, not only is it powered by top soccer players, pirlo tv uses data science to help you find out what really matters to you.

Here are three key features that make pirlo tv revolutionary:

favorite team’s matches

Watch matches, highlight the best moments of individual players, and share them with friends in real-time.

Your Favorite Player’s Highlights

Discover what your favorite player is up to with detailed stats like career goals and assists. Best of all, watch any video anywhere on your computer or mobile phone even if you only have limited data plan.

Feeds from News Agencies & Channels

Receive feeds from local media outlets including Sports Illustrated (SI), ESPN (espn), The Guardian (guardian), New York Times (nyt) and traditional sport channels like Fox Sports (fox).

With these features combined with our easy-to-use interface and analytics tools, pirlo tv gives you everything you need to get the whole story about your favorite team or player. And with unlimited data plans starting at $8 per month , can’t be beat. Get started here.


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